The Capacity for Earth’s biosphere and civilization to co-exist has been strained over time by human activities. The continuity of life, which is dependent on our environment and resources, including quality of air, food, water, shelter, is being significantly threatened.

In the quest for a better life, human activities, including engineering and industrial developments, have resulted in the depletion of the Natural Capital, accelerating climate change and global warming; temperatures are rising like never seen before, seasons are no longer as predictable as they used to be. It is time to do more!

The forthcoming International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Materials Development (ICSEMD 2021) is scheduled for Sept. 22 to 24, 2021, has developed a network of researchers, professionals, and experts from industries and institutions around the world, to discuss innovative ideas, resources, and products relevant to Sustainable Engineering and Materials Development.

Guest speakers with Decades of experience will be presenting on key topics, including:

  1. Integrating Sustainability in Engineering: Prediction and Reduction Vibration-Related Degradation in Structures in the Canadian Nuclear Energy Sector – Prof. Marwan Hassan (Former Head, Mechanical Engineering Program, School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Canada)
  2. Enhanced Rock Weathering for Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Applications – Dr Emily Chiang (Associate Professor, School of Engineering, University of Guelph, Canada)

As research is a critical factor in unravelling innovative technologies and economic policies, it is important to improve the synergy between researchers, academia, the industry, social activists, and the government. Pursuing consistent improvements in scientific methodologies through platforms like the ICSEMD targeted towards advancing research to improve life is crucial. With this letter, we are inviting you to collaborate and contribute to this course. We are looking forward to the prospect of your support as a participant in the conference.

Thank you.



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